Lethbridge Police Commission standing by Chief as union members call urgent meeting

The Lethbridge Police Commission is standing by and supporting Chief Tom McKenzie.

“We have received no complaints and no allegations against the police chief or any type of situation,” says the Doug Mclaughlin, Chair of the Lethbridge Police Commission.

An urgent membership meeting will be held on October 15th at the request of some police members.

Documents obtained by Global News state: “The sole agenda item is to determine our memberships confidence in the ability of the Chief to lead our organization. There was no one singular event that has led us to this place, rather a series of decisions or indecisions over his tenure.”

The Lethbridge Police Commission says it hasn’t received any complaints from police members in regards to the Chief’s behavior.

In fact the Chief’s contract was just renewed last year and officials are confident with that decision.

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“We have renewed his contract just over a year ago for another 3 years and at this point there is absolutely nothing that the decision was not 100 percent correct,” says Mclaughlin.

The Police Commission says there is no mandate for the Lethbridge Police Association to report back to the commission and they are not formally notified about meetings taking place.

“Nothing has been brought to our attention we have no idea what the LPA is concerned about, said Mclaughlin. ” If there are no specifics that the associations wants to make us aware of then it’s strictly an internal affair. In every organization there is always going to be a difference of opinion in those making management decisions and those that are carrying them out. If it did receive any complaints against the Chief or any allegations of wrong doing it would take appropriate action. I have been to the police station i don’t know how many times and to me, it’s one of the most open work places that I have ever seen and members are speaking to all levels all of the time. If there are problems, I have not seen any evidence of it.”

The meeting will be held on Monday October 15th.