Four in five Canadians believe in aliens: Angus Reid poll

Click to play video: '4/5 Canadians believe intelligent life exists in universe: poll' 4/5 Canadians believe intelligent life exists in universe: poll
A new Angus Reid poll details the different beliefs Canadians have about mysterious things like ghosts and extra-terrestrial beings – Aug 24, 2016

Do you believe in aliens? According to the latest public opinion poll by Angus-Reid, if you’re like most Canadians, the answer is yes.

Following the success of Netflix’s show Stranger Things, the pollster found that four in five Canadians believe that intelligent life exists in our universe. And almost half of all Canadians believe that Earth has already been paid a visit by these beings.

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And we’re pretty sure of ourselves: 29 per cent believe that it’s “definitely true” that intelligent life is out there, while another 50 per cent say it’s probable.

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What about these little green men and women visiting our planet? Well, we’re not quite so sure about that: only 11 per cent believe that we’ve definitely been visited, with 36 per cent saying it’s probably true and 18 per cent saying that, no, space ships definitely have not visited Earth.

But the poll wasn’t just about aliens: it also found that almost half of Canadians — mostly women — believed that there are people out there with psychic powers, able to predict events.

Now, that’s not to say that we Canadians are a gullible bunch. When it comes to believing in Sasquatch or Ogopogo, 74 per cent say that they either probably or definitely don’t exist.

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The poll also touched on ghosts. It found that just 30 per cent of Canadians believe that people with unfinished business in life definitely come back as ghosts. Interestingly, women are more open to this idea than men. And when it comes to communicating with ghosts, 30 per cent of people believe it’s possible.

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Overall, when it comes to science, a great majority of people believe that there are things that occur on Earth that cannot be explained by science, with 72 per cent of men saying this is definitely or possibly true, compared with 81 per cent of women.

But remember: there was a time when we didn’t understand the motion of the planets, fire, or eclipses.

The poll was conducted between Feb. 22 to 25 with a randomized sample of 1,515 Canadian adults. There is a margin of error for a poll this size is about +/- 2.5 per cent.

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