New schools in Alberta: Will they open on time?

New enrollment numbers for Edmonton public schools’ 2013-2014 year show class sizes, specifically for Kindergarten to Grade 3, continue to grow. Anne Christine / Getty Images

One new Edmonton Catholic school will delay opening by a few days this fall, while the three new public schools will open as scheduled.

A recent population surge made the building of new schools across Alberta essential.

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All three Edmonton Public Schools are on schedule.

Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School in Windermere, Roberta MacAdams School in Blackmud Creek and Nellie Carlson School in Terwillegar Heights will all open Sept. 1 as planned.

Next year, the district will open 11 new schools.

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Some Edmonton Catholic students will be getting an extended summer holiday, but only by a few days.

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St. Brendan Catholic elementary/junior high, the new super-school in the east end, won’t open until Sept. 6. Staff and students were notified of the delay before the end of the school year.

St. John XXIII Catholic elementary/junior high School in Windermere will open Sept. 1.

In Calgary, a rainy summer has pushed back the opening of two Catholic schools. Buffalo Rubbing Stone School in Panorama has been delayed 20 days. Students there, depending on their grade, will be temporarily relocated to either Alex Munro or Panorama Hills. Peter Lougheed School will be delayed a few days.

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