Moncton ‘Field of Dreams’ gets big boost from Blue Jays

The Jays Care Foundation made a donation of $125,000 to the Greater Moncton Field of Dreams Organization, to go towards the completion of a new, all access, baseball field.

The new field, the first of its kind east of Ottawa, will give people with limited mobility and special needs, a chance to practice their favourite sport, on their own turf.

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For the Jays Care Foundation, giving these kids a chance to play ball is an important way to contribute to children’s development and self esteem.

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“Baseball teaches incredible life skills such as resiliency, leadership and teamwork, and all kids deserve the opportunity to play,” Robert Witchel, executive director of the Jays Care Foundation, said.

Field of Dreams organizer, Charline Allain Godin, recognizes that this donation will go a long way towards the completion of the project.

“In our request, the money was to basically cover the cost of the artificial turf, which was close to the amount we received, the turf was almost a third of the project, so this is fantastic.” she said.

The total cost of the field is roughly $500,000, with the city of Moncton and the provincial government each contributing $167,000 while Field of Dreams, was to raise the rest. They still need another $60,000- $80,000 to get everything they want so they will approach businesses and individuals, for sponsorship.

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“We will go to corporations, if there’s individual interest in being part of this program that’s great, this is an amazing project and we hope that the community will get behind us and support us.” Godin added.

Former Blue Jay and baseball Hall of Fame inductee, Roberto Alomar was in Moncton for the Jays Super Camps and attended the presentation.

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“Even though they go through challenges in their life, they motivate me to be the best person I can be every day. They put as much of a smile on my face as I do on theirs,” Alomar said. “It’s about giving back, every year we hope to come back and play with them.”

If everything goes according to plan, the field should be ready by September.

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