Donald Trump says his policies could have stopped 9/11; calls Hillary Clinton ‘founder of ISIS’

Click to play video: 'Trump claims 9/11 terrorist attacks would not have happened under his policies' Trump claims 9/11 terrorist attacks would not have happened under his policies
WATCH ABOVE: Trump claims 9/11 terrorist attacks would not have happened under his policies – Aug 4, 2016

During a campaign stop in Florida this week, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump claimed that his policies could have prevented the 9/11 terrorist attack and called Hillary Clinton the “founder of ISIS.”

“Those people that knocked down the World Trade Center most likely, under the Trump policy, wouldn’t have been here to knock down the World Trade Center,” Trump said, during his speech Wednesday afternoon in Daytona Beach, Fla.

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The GOP candidate appeared to refer to his contentious plan to ban Muslims from entering the United States if he becomes president. His immigration policy has shifted drastically during his campaign moving from a blanket ban on all Muslims travelling to the United States to a ban on immigration by citizens from areas of the world with historical ties to terrorism against the U.S. and its allies.

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Nearly 3,000 were killed during the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Fifteen of the 9/11 hijackers originated from Saudi Arabia, which is considered an ally in the fight against terrorism, according to the Associated Press. The others were from the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon.

WATCH: Trump calls Clinton ‘founder of ISIS’ during rally

Click to play video: 'Trump calls Clinton ‘founder of ISIS’ during rally' Trump calls Clinton ‘founder of ISIS’ during rally
Trump calls Clinton ‘founder of ISIS’ during rally – Aug 4, 2016

During his campaign speech, Trump also took aim at Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy record including places like Libya.

“She should get an award from them as the founder of ISIS,” he said referring to the so-called Islamic State, adding it would be “embarrassing” to lose to her.

“Wouldn’t that be embarrassing to lose to crooked Hillary Clinton?” Trump said. “That would be terrible.”


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Trump also addressed past controversies including reiterating his claim that people in New Jersey danced in celebration on 9/11, his comments about disabled New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski and Fox News’ host Megyn Kelly.

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He also reassured his supporters his campaign “has never been more united.” Despite a tumultuous week, that saw Trump escalate his feud with the family of a Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq, refuse to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. John McCain, and even suggest the general election could be “rigged.”

Despite the ongoing controversies that have rattled several high-profile Republicans,  Trump said during the rally his “campaign is doing really well.”

“I would say right now it’s the best we’ve been in terms of being united,” he said.

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