Global Facebook fans share their views about technology in schools

TORONTO – In an earlier story, Global News revealed the findings of an exclusive Ipsos-Reid poll that said that 70 per cent of Canadians said there isn’t enough money being spent on public education in elementary schools.

About 86 per cent of Canadians even suggest that schools need to buy better and new technology to help teach kids, with only 14 per cent disagreeing with this kind of investment.

We asked you to share some of your thoughts on Facebook about this issue and here is what you had to say.


Audrey Penfold says while “high-tech is all good,”kids should still leaarn a lot the old-fashioned way. She suggests “writing legibly and using their own skills.” 


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Pat Scott says “I personal think its the one on one individual attention that is needed to help children now.. more teachers not computers.”

Alice Zywiel says “I don’t know what schools currently do, but one technology-based thing I think IS important is typing – there should be some kind of standard typing class in somewhere maybe in grade 7 or so. I learned it in grade 9 and it was the most useful.”

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