Riot at Burnaby Youth Detention Centre lasted 6 hours

Police on scene outside the Burnaby Youth Detention Centre early Wednesday morning. Global News

It was a hectic night for guards at the Burnaby Youth Detention Centre after seven male young offenders, all between the ages of 15 and 17, started a riot.

The facility suffered extensive damage. One unit was damaged first, then the group moved to a supervisor’s station and a second unit. They also damaged the sprinkler system in the second unit and started a fire, which some young offenders had to put out.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Children and Family Development said police and fire officials were called.

“The safety of staff and residents at the Burnaby Youth Custody Centre is our top priority,” said the spokesperson.

There were no injuries to residents, staff or police and the youth were contained within the centre at all times.

“All youth are safe and accounted for.”

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Andrew Cronkhite, director of programs for the Burnaby Youth Secure Custody Centre, said the main factor behind the riot appeared to be have a room search that resulted in a loss of privileges earlier in the day.

The Youth Centre does not have its own Emergency Response Team so it had to wait for Burnaby RCMP to collect recourses.

Staff have expressed concern about increasing levels of violence since the Victoria Youth Detention Unit was shut down and those young offenders were moved to Burnaby.