‘Show respect to the nudists:’ Sign at ‘clothing optional’ beach orders non-nude out

Click to play video: 'Sign at ‘clothing optional’ Toronto Islands beach orders non-nude out'
Sign at ‘clothing optional’ Toronto Islands beach orders non-nude out
WATCH: A sign at the “clothing optional” beach on the Toronto Islands ordering the non-nude out is creating a stir among the naked and clothed alike. Ashley Molnar has the latest – Jul 20, 2016

The Toronto parks department is investigating after a homemade sign on the city’s only “clothing optional” beach told those not in the nude to butt out.

Hanlan’s Point Beach on the Toronto Islands is open to both those wearing their birthday suit and those in their swimsuit (or other attire), but a nudist at the popular tanning spot has apparently taken umbrage with non-naked beach-goers.

At least one simple sign was attached to a walkway entrance to the beach sometime this weekend demanding visitors strip down to the nude “for the comfort of the nudists and to show respect to the nudists.”

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Parks spokesman Matthew Cutler said the “illegal” signs have since been removed and that the matter is under investigation, while anyone who sees them reappear should call 311.

The beach received the unique designation in 1999, with one area marked by fences open to those who want to wear clothes or not.

One nudist Global News spoke to said that while he disagrees with the sign-maker’s method, he agrees with the message.

“Fully nude” should be the only option, said a man who gave his name only as Dick, explaining he did not want to be fully exposed.

“It’s referred to by the city, it’s referred to by most people as nude beach. Everybody calls it nude beach. So it’s bloody well nude beach,” he said while in the buff.

“This is the only beach that everybody is allowed to come to and enjoy the lifestyle… I can’t go to Woodbine (Beach) — well I could but I’d get talked about.”

He encouraged clothed visitors to come “check it out, enjoy the lifestyle, get a little bit of confidence in yourself” but added they should then either shed their clothes or head to another stretch of sand.

“After a while you’re making people nervous. They start seeing all these clothing people and it’s like, ‘What are you an undercover cop or something?'”

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However, Cutler made clear the nude-or-not status isn’t going anywhere.

“The City is not considering any changes to this designation,” he said in an email.

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