Lethbridge police seek man who turned over explosive military munition

Lethbridge police are asking the man who brought a WWI era military munition into their police station on Tuesday to contact them.

The man brought in the device around noon, which he hoped to dispose of.

The Lethbridge Regional Police Station had to be evacuated because it was unknown if the explosive was live.

Police say the man isn’t in any trouble, but they want to find out where he got the explosive from.

“If there are more, it’s important for police to recover them and ensure they’re safely destroyed,” says Kristen Harding, Executive Officer.

CFB Suffield was contacted and the device was confirmed by technicians to be a military munition with explosive filler from the WWI era.

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Military technicians confirmed the device was live and just before 7 p.m. it was destroyed on site at the gravel pit.

No one was injured and no property was damaged.

Police remind the public that if they find old military ordnance or any other explosive device not to handle it or attempt to move it. Leave it in place and call police for further assistance and direction.

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