Star Trek convention converges on small Alberta town

Star Trek convention converges on small Alberta town
WATCH ABOVE: For one weekend every year, Star Trek super fans make a pilgrimage to the small town of Vulcan Alberta to celebrate their love of Star Trek. Allie miller reports.

Klingons, Vulcans, and members of the Starship Enterprise converged on Vulcan, Alta. Saturday to celebrate their love for Star Trek.

It has been fifty years since Star Trek first appeared on television, and fans continue to commemorate the franchise.

Vul-Con initially started as a small group of individuals travelling to the rural town that shares the same name as Spock’s home planet.

In recent years, it has grown to a “must-do” on a Trekkies bucket list.

Adam Nimoy, the son of the late Leonard Nimoy, unveiled a commemorative plaque in Vulcan to kick off the two day convention Saturday.

This is Adam Nimoy’s first time attending Vul-Con. His dad, better known to many fans as Mr. Spock, made an appearance six years ago.

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“Out here in the middle of this beautiful country farm land we have this little centre of the universe for the Star Trek community,” Nimoy said.

Fans of the series say Star Trek went boldly where no other TV show had ventured before, it celebrate diversity, equality and inclusiveness.

“My favourite thing about Star Trek is the saying ‘Infinite diversity in infinite combinations’,” Stacy Lloyd, a super fan, said. “It means, black, white, purple, red, we can all get along.”

Many of the Trekkies identify with Spock, and have been encouraged by his journey.

“Spock really inspires us to keep looking, and teaches us that it’s ok to be an outsider,” Nimoy said. “You can still be accepted in the community.”

Fans embrace Star Trek’s overarching message that working together creates a better universe.

“The show was wonderful,” Susan Tyndall said. “It was like the best expression of what humanity can be.”

For fans, Star Trek is much more than just a television show, or movie franchise, it has allowed them to create their own extended family.

“We all adjoin in our love for star trek,” Tyndall said.

“It’s the friendship, it’s the family,” David Campbell said. “Here you feel like you’re accepted.”

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Vul-con is a unique intergalactic event thriving in a small rural community, and judging by the numbers of attendees – it will live long and prosper.

The Vul-Con convention runs July 9-10.