Crews race to complete Poppy Plaza

 It’s a race against time for those working to restore a Calgary landmark.

Poppy Plaza has looked like an abandoned and derelict site for much of the last year, with a massive renovation of the area along Memorial Drive being stalled by a lawsuit.

The main contractor fired the company responsible for steel components, pushing the price of the project from $9 million to $11 million dollars.

While a legal battle is still underway, progress is finally being made again.

“I go by here every day, every morning,” said one commuter. “It’s interesting to see how it changes ever so slightly from day to day. It’s a wonderful thing to see, in honour and memory of those men and women.”

“You won’t find anything like this in western Canada, and I would hazard to say, anywhere in North America,” said Doug Marter, manager of parks planning and development. “I think it’s an outstanding piece of architecture.”

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The city hopes the main plaza will be ready in time for Remembrance Day. The entire Memories Project along Memorial Drive will cost about $32 million dollars.