Low B.C. snowpack stokes drought fears

FILE PHOTO: Snowpack is below average in B.C.
FILE PHOTO: Snowpack is below average in B.C.

Environment officials are generally concerned about flooding this time of year, but a low snowpack currently has B.C. forecasters facing fears of drought instead.

Dave Campbell is the director of the River Forecasting Centre and he says the May 15 snowpack reading shows most of the province is below 55 per cent of the average snowpack.

The only areas where the readings are close to normal are the North and South Thompson, where readings are at about 80 to 86 per cent of average.

Campbell says later this year there will be less water resulting from melting snow than expected, which will put pressure on stream flows.

He says there is a chance that pressure could be alleviated if we get some wet weather in the coming weeks and months.

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Dry conditions forced severe water restrictions across much of the province last summer.

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