A B.C. man’s petition against front license plates

A B.C. man’s petition against front license plates - image

An online petition by Kelowna resident Tyler Fleury, asking for the removal of front license plates in B.C., has collected more than 3,000 signatures in four days.

Fleury says he is excited about the reaction so far, and hopes to collect even more signatures.

“I do have a feeling that I’ll get 40,000 signatures and possibly more.”

He says it all started when he saw a man driving a Jaguar who had his front license on his dashboard rather than the front of his car. He realized how many people end up having to drill holes on their cars just to add the front plate.

He says response from the community has been great so far, and he hopes more people will realize this is a good idea.

“I would love to get it out there and hear what everybody else has to say and hear their thoughts about it.”

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B.C. is one of the four provinces in all of Canada that require both back and front license plates. The others are Ontario, Manitoba and Newfoundland.

There are 140 red light cameras installed in the province by ICBC. Some of the cameras take pictures of the front license plate, not the back one, which means front plates are needed to identify the car.

Fleury says that should not be a problem, adding that the government would save money by issuing only one plate per car instead of two.

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