#OurYYC Apprentice: Jordan Witzel puts the shine on a Calgary car wash

WATCH: Jordan Witzel learns the best technique for cleaning cars at a car wash in southeast Calgary.

Global Calgary Meteorologist Jordan Witzel is heading out in the community to experience some of the many careers that make up our dynamic city.

Through the #OurYYC Apprentice series, Witzel will try his hand at different jobs for one day – to see just how challenging they can be.

This month I was given the chance to try cleaning up my act, so to speak, by working at a south Calgary car wash.

My day shift at Clearwash was eye opening because I learned I’ve been washing my car wrong for many years. Let’s be honest, I hate washing my car because a full inside/outside clean usually takes me more than an hour at home and that’s too much of a commitment for me. So usually the cleanliness of my car is sub-par at best. Multiply this attitude by thousands across the city and you have a lot of messy cars that pull through the doors of Clearwash on a daily basis. On a busy day, employees can service up to 100 vehicles. That’s a lot of washing and it forces efficiency if you’re to last the entire shift.

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I think I was terrible at this job, trying to do too much at too slow a pace. I felt like I was never satisfied with my work.

This is definitely one job I’ll leave to the pros.

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It’s honest hard work that I’m usually attracted to but my controlling nature made it hard to focus on one single step in the cleaning process.

On the plus side, my car is clean… for now!