Montreal West residents facing fines for feeding squirrels

Click to play video: 'Don’t feed the squirrels' Don’t feed the squirrels
WATCH ABOVE: After numerous complaints, the town of Montreal West is urging residents not to feed squirrels and other wild animals, as stated in a local bylaw. Global's Billy Shields reports – Apr 14, 2016

MONTREAL-WEST — It’s a furry situation in Montreal West as residents face fines because of a bylaw that states it is illegal to feed squirrels.

Town councillor Elizabeth Ulin said while many residents think feeding the fuzzy critters isn’t a big deal, the do often end up becoming pests.

“People don’t realize a lot of other animals come along too, like rats,” she said.

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This isn’t a new issue.

Residents in Westmount also face a big controversy when it comes to giving food to the bushy-tailed rodents.

Three years ago, resident Lawrence Klapper  went against the City of Westmount all the way to Quebec Superior Court.

About four years previous to that, the city fined Bruce Kert almost $500 for feeding squirrels.

It’s also illegal to feed squirrels in Côte Saint-Luc and Kirkland.

Officials pointed out the bylaws exist as a public health measure, but some Montrealers argued they don’t see it that way.

Linda Smith sheepishly admitted to throwing a few nuts to a couple squirrels not too long ago.

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