Buttercup the Python at risk of being put down after animal control conducts sting

Click to play video: 'Snake owner concerned about conservation officer resources used in seizure' Snake owner concerned about conservation officer resources used in seizure
WATCH: A Chilliwack man is questioning how the conservation officer service uses its resources, after his 4.5-metre Burmese python was seized in an elaborate sting. Ted Field explains – Apr 7, 2016

A Surrey B.C. man is shocked that his 4 meter long pet Python has been seized by  Conservation Officers in a “sting” operation.

Buttercup the Python is a family pet and a bit of a snake celebrity, having appearing in a few music videos.

Owner Luke Holman says, “Buttercup is a Burmese Python. She has met hundreds of people, and is a great all round snake.”

She has also made appearances at events like the “Celebration of Light”, and the “420 Smoke In”.

Holman says, “We cuddle on the couch but usually she sleeps in her cage.” 

He says he recently received a Facebook message from someone who wanted Buttercup to be in a Harley Davidson photo shoot.

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He drove to Chilliwack’s Heritage Park – but instead of a photographer, attractive models and Harleys – a bunch of Conservation Officers rushed out of a trailer.

 “Two more vehicles came up and it’s a little blurry, I was really stressed out losing my animal.”

The Conservation Service says the python is a dangerous alien species. 

B.C. Conservation Service Inspector Murray Smith  says, “its a constrictor and that species of snake, especially that massive of size snake can be very dangerous.”

As for the size of the,”Snake Sting” he says, “with such a large potentially dangerous reptile I think it was good use of resources.”

Holman is hoping there is a lawyer out there who could help him go through the piles of paperwork needed to try and get Buttercup back, because a real “deadline” is fast approaching.

“I am going to do my best to get Buttercup back or there will be a memorial in 12 days,” he says.

There is the possibility officials could order her to be put down.


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