Hedgehog cafe in Tokyo latest trend in adorable animal coffee shops

A hedgehog cafe in Tokyo has seen a spike in popularity, as the animals show off their "softer" side. Instagram, anvynator

Canada’s cat cafes have nothing on Japan, where hedgehogs are the latest cute animals you can pay to cuddle as you sip on a coffee.

The name of the Tokyo cafe is “Harry,” which is a play on the Japanese word “needle.”

People have reportedly been lining up for a chance to play with the prickly creatures. An hour of one-on-one time costs $9. And there are different breeds to choose from.

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The African Pygmy Hedgehog is the most common kind. It’s the one you’ve probably seen on social media, where hedgehogs have garnered a huge following.

The (adorable) video below from Canadian YouTubers Kelsey MacDermaid and Becky Wright (aka “The Sorry Girls“) has been viewed more than 20 million times on YouTube.

The two even put together a little tutorial on owning a hedgehog.

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Part of the popularity behind the Tokyo hedgehog cafe may be that people aren’t able to own pets in apartments there.

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Another big trend to pop up in Tokyo: owl cafes, where you can pet more than a dozen live birds.

The city’s bunny cafe is another favourite hot spot.

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Dog lovers, meanwhile, might want to add a puppy café to their bucket list.

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