BC wine industry contributes $2B a year to province’s economy

BC wine industry contributes $2B a year to province’s economy - image

In 2003, B.C. was home to just 81 wineries. Now, the province has 273 wineries and over 900 vineyards, creating about 10,000 jobs in the wine and grape industry, and contributing around $2 billion dollars per year to B.C.’s economy.

Maggie Anderson, marketing director at the British Columbia Wine Institute said the wine industry is successful because they make a high quality product.

“I attribute the growth in the wine industry to the focus on quality, which was initiated with the development of the BC VQA standard in 1990,” she said. “The industry has continuously strived to produce terroir [ideal growing conditions] driven wines that represent the unique growing conditions we have here in British Columbia.”
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Recent changes in liquor laws that allow some grocery stores to carry BC VQA wines have also given a push to the industry. In late April, grocery stores will bid for the opportunity to apply for a licence to sell alcohol that will be auctioned off through BC Auction. These grocery stores will be required to pay a $25,000 deposit per licence.







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