Sleepy at work? Toronto student designs a sneaky nap solution

nap in a hammock
If you're feeling a little groggy from the long weekend, you're not alone. Luckily, a 19-year-old is hard at work to allow you to nap almost anywhere. Supplied; Schnap

Remember when George Costanza had a nap pod built in his office? Well his ingenuity lives on, inspiring a new generation of sleep-seekers.

“I definitely admire his determination to nap under his desk,” Aqil Anindhityo said of the Seinfeld character.

The 19-year-old is a second-year student at Toronto’s OCAD University, where he dreamt up “Schnap” — a hammock that lets you “nap in a snap.”

And not just at work, but anywhere. All you need is a stable, table-like surface.

Sometimes you just need a nap.
Sometimes you just need a nap. Supplied; Schnap

The device comes in a bag with table protectors and a couple of clamps that let you attach the hammock to a table.

Anindhityo, who pulled his fair share of all-nighters at school working on projects, was inspired by his fellow sleep-deprived students. There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to them called “OCAD Sleeping Beauties.”

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But before you get too excited, the Schnap isn’t available to the public just yet. Anindhityo is still looking for help with how to get it out to the masses.

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These are the branding I've made for the entire product. It is neatly crafted, packed, sewn and carved to give a better unboxing experience. As a design student, I've noticed a lot of my friends often stay overnight at school to finish the stuffs they've been working on, however they couldn't get to sleep properly because there's no comfortable medium to sleep on. Instead, they are most likely sleep while sitting, and this is not good for the muscles & their own health. So, I came up with…. Schnap! The brand itself is actually a short madeup word from school-nap. Get it?! It's a hammock that can easily be installed under your table. 😁 #branding

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He’s not the only one pushing for more shut-eye opportunities.

Some companies (like Google) have dedicated nap pods for employees. Nap desks are also a real thing.

Could this be the way we nap at work one day?.
Could this be the way we nap at work one day?. NL Studio, archilovers
The optional walls could add a bit of privacy.
The optional walls could add a bit of privacy. NL Studio, archilovers

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Last year, a survey found that Canadians would give up free coffee and other work perks (like paid vacations) for naps.

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Oh, and for those who like to be cuddled while they nap — someone’s working on that too.

The plush Free Hug Sofa has arms that, as Mashable put it, “hug you just like mom used to, before you disappointed her with your life choices.”

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