Sask. Party reveals fully baked plan to remove red tape

Sask Party Leader Brad Wall announces a pledge to allow home bakers, like Queen of Caramel Emmy Barr, to sell treats from home. Derek Putz/Global News

MOOSE JAW – Premier Brad Wall says a re-elected Saskatchewan Party government will toss rules that prevent homemade foods such as cookies, candy, pies and buns from being sold to consumers.

He says bans on advertising sales of such low-risk foods would also be lifted for home-based food businesses.

Home-based food producers in the province can’t sell directly to consumers or advertise other than by word of mouth or at farmers markets.

Even a Facebook post can be considered illegal advertising.

Wall says it’s common sense that the government shouldn’t get in the way of a church group, community organization or individual who wants to make some money by selling homemade baked goods.