WATCH: ‘SNL’ host Ariana Grande swears during her opening monologue

WATCH ABOVE: 'SNL' host Ariana Grande swears during her opening monologue

Ariana Grande was the host of Saturday Night Live this week and while she has a squeaky clean image, the pop star spoke (and sang) of how she hoped to change all of that going forward.

Grande began her career at the tender age of eight, on the Nickelodeon show Victorious. She spoke of the troubles child stars face during her monologue on SNL.

“It can be tough growing up in show business,” she said. “A lot of kid stars end up doing drugs or in jail or pregnant or get caught looking at doughnut they didn’t pay for,  which yes, was childish and stupid, and you know I’ve learned that it’s really time to grow up and I think I’m in a place where I’m ready to be caught in a real adult scandal.”

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Grande is interested in being involved in a sensational page-turner.

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“A real scandal you know?” she asked the audience. “Something to take my career to the next level. Something that says, ‘welcome to Hollywood kid.’”

Grande then went on to sing about the possibilities. Maybe some botox in her butt or her face. A tweet about the Jews in poor taste? Or perhaps a good, old-fashioned pimp slap on Adele.

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In the middle of the song, she may have fulfilled her dream as she dropped in a naughty word.

Listen above to spot the “miscue.”