Video shows the need for road repairs in Saskatoon

Click to play video: 'Video shows the need for road repairs in Saskatoon'
Video shows the need for road repairs in Saskatoon
WATCH ABOVE: With the high degree of melting on Saskatoon streets huge potholes are being revealed. Ryan Kessler says city crews are responding by starting the patching process early – Mar 9, 2016

SASKATOON – A video showing a car hitting a gaping hole in 8th Street East in the Greystone Heights area has grabbed the attention of people on social media and the City of Saskatoon. Jared Rusch took the video after his own car drove over the hole.

“My car went flying, it was a little scary. I lost control a little bit there,” Rusch said.

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By Wednesday, the city had blocked off the site, which has seen water main breaks in the past.

“Right now, it’s wet and it’s going to have to dry a little bit before we can even try to make any kind of repair that’s going to hold for a little while,” said Mark Rogstad, director of media relations with the city.

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Crews have used 60 tonnes of cold-mix asphalt to create a temporary fix for some of Saskatoon’s potholes. Hot-mix asphalt, used for permanent repairs, isn’t implemented until late April or early May.

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One expert from the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) said permanent repairs could happen in colder weather, but it would cost more money.

“Warm the stuff that you’re going throw in the hole after the water main breaks, so that it doesn’t compress as it gets warmer. Fill it up to the top. Put your four inches of asphalt on top properly with hot-mix asphalt,” said Carl Kuhnke, managing director of the Saskatchewan Centre of Excellence for Transportation and Infrastructure at the U of S.

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The city is focusing efforts on priority streets with cold-mix asphalt.

Residents can report a pothole by calling 306-975-2476. The city’s online Report a Pothole map will be available April 1.

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