Lachine claims responsibility for cleaning icy pedestrian walkway

Click to play video 'Lachine clears path to mailboxes' Lachine clears path to mailboxes
WATCH ABOVE: The borough of Lachine went to work to clear up an icy sidewalk after residents complained to Global News they could not access their community mailbox. Global's Navneet Pall reports – Feb 29, 2016

LACHINE – The icy pathway to a community mailbox in Lachine has been cleared, after Global News covered the story last Friday.

Thick ice due to freezing rain and falling temperatures had built-up, making a short and easy walk, a slippery and dangerous one.

Lachine initially denied it was its job to maintain the pathway, stating it was up to Canada Post instead.

However, the borough has since claimed responsibility.

The pathway, which connects 44th and 55th avenues, is frequently used by nearby residents to get to their community mailbox, as well as the 196 bus stop.

“I can guarantee you it won’t happen again, I’ll be on top of it – a hundred per cent, and our public works director is also aware and he’ll ensure that it doesn’t happen again,” said Lachine Councillor Kymberley Simonyik.

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She also admitted that there are several other pathways in the borough in need of maintenance and city workers are working to clean up the walkways.

James Harris, who contacted Global News about the pathway, said he called the 311 hotline for maintenance, but nothing was done.

“They should provide feedback to the citizens when they raise questions,” Harris told Global News.

“If they did, then the citizens would have more confidence in the city. But you call there, leave a message, they make a report but you never hear back from them.”

The weather this year has been unpredictable, raising question about the borough’s ability to cope, but Simonyik reassures it is is working hard.

“I think our snow removal record over the past couple of years proves the point that we take it seriously,” Simonyik said.

“Unfortunately it’s just one of those cases where the weather has been up and down for the last couple of days and I guess we didn’t get there fast enough.”