Red River Co-op payout cheques $4M less than last year

Red River Co-op has begun sending out $32 million in equity cash payouts to its members. Red River Co-op

WINNIPEG — It’s the time of year when many Manitobans get a special cheque in the mail – but this year’s amount may be a bit less.

Red River Co-op has begun sending out $32 million in equity cash payouts to its members, with cheques arriving in the mail as early as Friday.

The average cheque is around $140.22, according to a Red River Co-Op  media release.

The total amount is $4 million less than was given out to members last year.

“Red River Co-op’s local operations were impacted in 2015 by the volatility in the retail pump market,” said a statement in the media release.

“Despite the decline in earnings from 2014, the Co-op is proud to support the community and its members through the distribution of 234,698 equity cheques totalling $32 million.”


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