‘It’s kind of incredible,’ leukemia patient Lara Casalotti finds rare stem cell match

WATCH: Lara Casalotti was told her chances of finding a stem cell match were extremely rare.

A mix-raced student from London, England who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia has found an extremely rare bone marrow donor after her global campaign #Match4Lara went viral.

Lara Casalotti, 24, was told by her doctors that her best chance at living was a stem cell transplant.

But because she is of mixed Thai and Italian heritage, the chances of finding a donor match were like finding a “needle in a haystack.”

That’s because only 3 per cent of stem cell collected from bone marrow donors are of mixed race.

The viral campaign, which caused a spike in bone marrow donors, was supported by big names like J.K. Rowling and Stephen Fry.

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Lara said she is thankful she found a donor.

“It’s kind of incredible and amazing to┬áthink that this person is one in 25 million,” she said in a YouTube video.

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“I know that there is a long road ahead but I want to thank every single person who’s been behind the #Match4Lara campaign.”

But Lara says there are still plenty of people waiting to find their mixed race donors.

“This campaign has been not just about finding a match for me but diversifying the donor registries and just getting more people in the registries in general.”

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