WATCH: The ‘Marisa Dick’ move officially named after Canadian gymnast

Click to play video 'St. Albert gymnast Marisa Dick busts out new gymnastics move: The Dick Move' St. Albert gymnast Marisa Dick busts out new gymnastics move: The Dick Move
St. Albert gymnast Marisa Dick has unveiled a new move jokingly dubbed “The Dick Move”, wherein she jumps and lands on a balance beam in a perfect split.

A new move created by St. Albert, Alta., gymnast Marisa Dick has been added to the official rulebook after she showcased it at the 2015 World Artistic Gymnastics Championship in Glasgow, Scotland.

The never-been-done-before move was added to the official Code of Point, a rulebook that defines the scoring system for each level of competition in gymnastics.

Every skill added to the code is named after its creator.

The “Marisa Dick” move is performed by leaping from a springboard on one leg, doing a split switch and landing on the beam. The arms and hands are stretched out pointing to the ceiling.

Dick practiced her signature move up to 20 times a day at the Capital City Gymnastics Centre in Edmonton in the months leading to the world championships.

The 18-year-old reserved the move for the world championships to avoid others from copying it and having it named after them.

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“It’s a new skill and you don’t want somebody else seeing it and then saying, ‘Maybe I want to try and get that named after me as well,’ so it was kind of a secret,” the gymnast told The St. Albert Gazette.

Dick finished 77th at the championships.

According to the newspaper, Dick, who holds dual citizenship in Canada and Trinidad, says she wants to gain a spot on the Trinidad and Tobago’s Olympic team.

Along with teammate Thema Williams, who finished 59th at the championship, Dick will compete for a spot at the April test event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as part of the qualification process for the Rio 2016 Olympics.