Wab Kinew to run for NDP in Manitoba election

Indigenous broadcaster, Wab Kinew is seeking a nomination for the provincial NDPs in the Fort Rouge constituency. Facebook

WINNIPEG – Indigenous broadcaster and author Wab Kinew is entering politics and running for a seat in the Manitoba legislature.

Kinew is seeking a nomination for the governing New Democrats in the Fort Rouge constituency in Winnipeg.

Political analyst Paul Thomas said Kinew’s decision could be a setback for the Manitoba Liberal Party, because its leader, Rana Bokhari, is trying to get her first legislature seat by running in that constituency.

Thomas said getting a star candidate such as Kinew could boost the NDP’s chances in the April 19 election.

Several opinion polls have suggested NDP support has plummeted since the government raised the provincial sales tax in 2013.

Recent polls suggest the party is 20 points behind the Opposition Progressive Conservatives and very close to the Liberals.

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