Richmond senior lets neighbours park on his front lawn

Click to play video: 'Richmond senior hailed as neighbour of the year' Richmond senior hailed as neighbour of the year
WATCH: Joe Wideski, 87, is getting a lot of praise from his neighbours. Aaron McArthur explains what Wideski is doing that's getting him so many kudos – Jan 8, 2016

If they ever hand out an award for Best Neighbour in Richmond, Joe Wideski would be a shoo-in.

The 87-year-old retiree likes to keep an eye on things in his Richmond neighbourhood. He takes everyone’s can in on garbage day. He has a key to his neighbour’s place.

His neighbours often have guests, leading to big problems with parking on the narrow road near his home.

Did he complain to the City? Not at all.

Instead, Wideski turned his driveway into a makeshift neighbourhood parking lot. He painted lines on the driveway to make it easier to park.

He then put up a sign that reads:

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He even had the sign translated to Chinese.

He also put old tires on the fence after he realized people didn’t know how far back to go.

If it’s really busy, he’ll even let people park on his lawn.

By keeping cars off the narrow street, the neighbourhood is safer and a little more friendly.

– With files from Aaron McArthur

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