Kenaston, Sask. volunteers grid search for missing mother of 3

SASKATOON – It’s been ten days since Sheree Fertuck was last seen on Dec. 7. RCMP and local volunteers continue to scour through farm land east of Kenaston, Sask. between the family farm and the gravel pit where Fertuck’s semi-truck and trailer were found.

“On Monday the family asked if we could organize a community search for Sheree. So we held a meeting here in this very room on Monday evening and we had about a 120 people here,” said emergency management coordinator Gene Whitehead.

By day three, volunteers have managed to search sixty sections of land.

“The reality is that we are here for the comfort of the family. For Juliann and her family to know that we’re all concern about them. That we love them and care for them. We loved Sherre and cared about her,” said Whitehead.

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“Everybody is talking about how could this happened here.”

Juliann Sorotski, Fertuck’s mother, said RCMP haven’t notified her of any new information and she is losing hope her daughter will be found alive.

“She’s not alive any more because the time period has been to long and if she was left somewhere she wouldn’t have survived the elements by now. But there is that glimmer of hope that maybe she will be found alive,” said Sorotski.

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Juliann Sorotski says her daughter worked hard to provide for her three children and grandchild.

“That’s the part that kills me she maybe will never see him again or he will never see her and they loved one another so much,” said Sorotski in regards to Fertuck’s grandchild.

RCMP are asking residents in the area to check their property for any unusual activity and anyone travelling in the area who may have taken videos or photos are asked to contact Saskatoon RCMP at 306-975-5145 or Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


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