‘Life is fun to me’: 101-year-old viral video star unfazed by new-found fame

It all started when a Lillooet man posted a video of his 101-year-old mother to Facebook.

Albina Foisy’s unbridled enthusiasm during a simple walk in the snow has now been viewed millions of times.

Foisy got even more attention for a video that showed her watching a Global News story about her new-found fame.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Foisy told Global News. “Me of all people on television.”

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The online world can be a cynical place, but her unbridled joy proved too much for the Internet. Thirteen million people have watched her all over the world.

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“I’m a celebrity, for heaven’s sake, and I don’t know it,” she said.

Behind the viral video is a woman who has lived a long, rich life.

Born in 1914, Foisy survived two world wars and raised four children, giving birth to three of them at home with the help of her mother-in-law in northern Alberta.

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She voluntarily surrendered her drivers licence at the age of 90, and only moved in with her son and daughter-in-law last year.

“I do not feel my age. Heavens, I feel maybe 70,” said the centenarian.

“Whoever thought I would live this long?”

And Albina isn’t done yet.

“Life is fun to me,” she said. “Life is good and it’s fun to me and I’m glad that I’m in it.”

-With files from Randene Neill and Amy Judd

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