COP21: Stunning drone footage of melting ice sheet released

WATCH ABOVE: Photographer Peter Cox has captured stunning drone footage of melting icebergs and ice sheets over the past year and a half to show the fast-moving effects of climate change.

Arctic glaciers and the North Pole ice cap have retreated, in recent years, further than ever before with temperatures there rising faster than anywhere else on the planet.

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The United Nations Environment Programme says global warming is almost certainly responsible for the decrease in extent and thickness of Arctic sea ice.

Glaciers in Norway and Greenland have retreated faster in the past ten years than over the decades since scientists started measuring their size and movement.

Recent studies have found the Arctic ice sheet is actually progressively melting faster than forecasted.

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According to the Snow and Ice Data Center based in Colorado, last winter’s maximum Arctic sea ice extent was the lowest in the satellite record.

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