University of Calgary students enjoy new ‘Nap Room’

WATCH ABOVE: Making it through the day after an all-nighter hitting the books can be quite the challenge for students, but as Gil Tucker shows us, the University of Calgary now has a special sport to recharge and recover.

CALGARY – Those all-nighters before exams can certainly take their toll, but now there’s a new place to find some relief at the University of Calgary.

The Students Union is opening up a “Nap Room” for a trial run, after a recent survey showed almost half of U of C students feel they aren’t getting enough sleep.

The room features soft mats and pillows, dim lighting and a soothing soundtrack of new age music and waves crashing on a beach.

Students got a preview of the facility Tuesday, and said it’s a welcome addition to the campus.

“It’s a ruckus out there, but in here it’s nice and quiet,”  said Gavin McCormack. “You’re just kind of like in your own world, chilling out.”

“I feel really revived and like I could do some work now,” added Darrien Thompson “So it’s definitely a nice feeling.”

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The “Nap Room” will be open next week, and depending on response it may become a permanent feature at the U of C.

Nap room
Students relaxing in the University of Calgary’s new “Nap Room” on Nov. 24, 2015. Global News