Local Sûreté du Québec officer Gordon Hunter honoured as a hero

MONTREAL – “A hero hidden in the shadow,” that’s what colleagues are calling Sûreté du Québec Sgt-Det. Gordon Hunter.

For up to 50 hours a week for a whole year, Hunter led an investigation into 70 robberies that took place in 15 towns in Montreal’s Montérégie region.

Most of the robberies, which took place over a span of two years, were in Saint-Lazare.

“It took about a year of going through dossier by dossier,” said Hunter.

“We started off with about 250 files and I was able to, with the help of the other investigators, come down to about 70, where we were 100 per cent sure they were responsible for these break-and-enters.”

Police estimate the stolen items totalled around $1.2 million.

Although police weren’t able to get it all back – Hunter said it was gratifying to be able to solve the case and make the culprits pay for what they did.

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“Myself, and the other investigators that I work with, we actually took turns calling the people,” he said.

“We were actually fighting between us who would get to do certain phone calls, cause that was the best part of it.”

Hunter and his team worked hard, and to commemorate that effort, he was honoured during the 17th annual Quebec Police Awards gala.

Hosted by the Quebec Provincial Police Association, Hunter was the first in line to receive his award, and his wife said she couldn’t be more proud.

She told Global News she had no idea her husband would be treated like a star.

Hunter said the biggest honour of all is that he gets to ensure the communities he works in feel safe.

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