News of killer Paul Bernardo’s book for sale online met with outrage

Convicted killer and rapist Paul Bernardo has written a gory fiction novel, an e-version of which is available for sale on

Bernardo’s lawyers confirmed to Global News Thursday that his client penned the book, A MAD World Order, and that it has been available for purchase since June 25.

EXCLUSIVE: Serial killer Paul Bernardo releases e-book on Amazon

Reaction to the news was swift online, with many outraged that Bernardo was able to publish a book, and that it was offered a platform for its sale. Some urged people to ignore the political spy thriller altogether.

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Comments posted on the e-book’s webpage condemned Amazon for selling Bernardo’s works; one commenter said they would “do no further business with Amazon while it allows this scum to profit.”

A comment on the Amazon page selling Paul Bernardo’s book. / Global News

According to Amazon’s website, anyone can independently post a book for sale on its Kindle store platform.

Amazon did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

The Correctional Service of Canada told Global News inmates have “limited access” to computers, but do not have access to the Internet or email.

“CSC has been made aware of the e-book that has been published and understands the content may be offensive to some,” spokesperson Avely Serin said in an emailed statement.

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“Offenders are not permitted to profit from the recounting of their crimes, however, we are advised that this e-book is a fictional piece that does not relate to the offender’s specific crimes. Materials contained in the book may provide additional information relevant to decision-making regarding the offender.”

Bernardo, one of Canada’s most infamous criminals, was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years in 1995 for the rape and murder of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French.

He was also given dangerous offender status for admitting to raping 14 other women and other charges related to Mahaffy and French. Dangerous offenders can be imprisoned indefinitely.

-With files from David Shum and Adam Miller

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