Plans to re-open Mount Baldy for Christmas go downhill

The snow is sure to return to Mount Baldy near Oliver, B.C. this winter, but a new owner will have to bring cash to let people ski. The recreation area is in foreclosure. Courtesy Sandra Smith/ Global Okanagan

NEAR OLIVER, B.C. – Mount Baldy Ski Resort is likely to remain closed despite an announcement in October of a Christmas season re-opening.

“Unfortunately, none of the potential purchasers or operators has arranged financing needed to buy the resort or to operate it,” says G-Force Group in a press release sent to Global Okanagan News Thursday night. G-Force Group was appointed Receiver-Manager of Mount Baldy by the B.C. Supreme Court Dec 19, 2014.

On Oct 9th, Calgary based Baldy Capital Corporation announced it was the new owner and was going to prepare the hill for the ski season opening Dec 18th.

That announcement looks to have been premature with G-Force Real Estate Inc. stating the Receiver of the foreclosed ski hill, “has not received an offer from them or any other party which is acceptable either to the primary secured creditor or the Receiver, or is in a form that could be approved by the Court, which is required.”

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“The main hurdle has been the inability by any of the potential buyers or operators to arrange sufficient financing to ensure that all creditors can be paid during the upcoming ski season.”

Mount Baldy Ski Resort remains for sale to “new serious enquiries or realistic options”, according to the release.

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