Federal medical marijuana program has improved: CanniMed

Supporters of the Saskatchewan Compassion Club rally at city hall; CanniMed weighs in on what it calls an improved federal medical marijuana program. Devin Sauer / Global News

SASKATOON – Supporters of a Saskatoon marijuana dispensary that was raided continue to call the crack-down an injustice. A handful of supports of the Saskatchewan Compassion Club picketed Wednesday in front of Saskatoon city hall.

Last week, the club was raided by police. The owner, Mark Hauk, and three others were arrested and face trafficking charges.

Supporters said the federally-regulated program is archaic and doesn’t have as many options as compassion clubs.

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However, not everyone shares that view.

Brent Zettl, the CEO of CanniMed – a medical marijuana producer in Saskatoon, said the government’s program has improved over the years, specifically when it comes to efficiency.

He said the company serves roughly 6,500 patients, who order medicine online and get it within two days.

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The company is also developing three types of cannabis oil for patients to use.

Zettl said the problem with dispensaries in general is the lack of oversight.

“There’s no checks and balances with the dispensary model that are officials, that have some sense of accountability,” said Zettl.

“Which means that there’s no way that anybody can determine if the products produced are safe, if they don’t have any other things in them or if they’re consistent.”

CanniMed’s oil product is expected to be ready by the end of the year.

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