First Alberta snowfall prompts rush for winter tires

CALGARY – Phones at tire shops around the city were ringing non-stop Monday.

At the Kal Tire North Hill location, customers were being told there is a two to three week wait for appointments to install winter tires.

Melissa McHaffie recently moved to Calgary from Ontario. As soon as she saw snow on the ground, she knew it was her a wake-up call to get winter tires.

“They give you a better feeling. You can totally tell the grip too, especially around like icy areas compared to summer tires or all-season tires,” said McHaffie.

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Mike Butcher with Kal Tire said drivers should consider budget in combination with their driving habits and road conditions.

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“There’s many things to think about. Your type of driving, your confidence level in terms of being a winter driver. There’s so many different price points and technology within tires to fit your budget and comfort level,” said Butcher.

The Automobile Protection Association evaluated 29 tires for average winter driving conditions and rated acceleration, cornering and braking on snow, ice and pavement.

Whatever the choice, the experts all agree, winter tires outperform all-season tires. The softer rubber in a winter tire sticks to the road better in lower temperatures.


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