Did you know? Winnie the Pooh is based on a real bear

WINNIPEG — He has warmed the hearts of millions.

A fictional bear based on a very real animal.

“Winnie the Pooh a fictional character and Winnie the bear are very similar characters.” explained author Mary Anne Appleby. “They’re gentle souls they’re you know..bumbly.”

Winnie the bear was born in 1914, in White River Ontario.

When she was just a cub, she was captured and sold at a train stop to a Winnipeg soldier who decided to name the bear after his home town, Winnipeg.

“He was with all these troops from Winnipeg and naming her Winnie after Winnipeg gave them a piece of home to take with them.” said Appleby.

When he was shipped to Europe off to war, Harry Coleborn decided to give Winnie to the London Zoo. That’s where the real Winnie was spotted by the real Christopher Robin, the son of author A.A Milne. And that’s how Winnie the Pooh was born.

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Winnipeg has kept the connection alive through a statue at Assiniboine Park. A “pooh-seum” complete with sketches, stuffed animals and paintings.

A stamp was also sold nation wide.

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