By the numbers: How the 2015 federal election played out on social media

Update: As of 11 p.m. ET Monday, more than 7 million Facebook users contribuated to over 50 million interactions about the election, including posts, likes, comments and shares.


Canadians woke up to a changed political landscape Tuesday, after Justin Trudeau’s party went from a distant third in the polls barely a month before the election to sweeping Atlantic Canada, much of Quebec, the urban centres of Ontario and even spots in Alberta’s Conservative strongholds.

Election night chatter dominated social media Monday night, despite the fact the Blue Jays won Game 3 of the American League Championship Series (ALCS), the latest trailer for the highly-anticipated Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens was released and Canadian rapper Drake became an Internet sensation for rocking a turtleneck in his latest music video.

So here’s how it breaks down:

As of 12:30 p.m. ET Monday, Twitter users sent 770,998 election related tweets, according to Twitter Canada.

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Compare that to 2011, when there were only 114,000 election related tweets on Election Day.


The #elxn42 hashtag was tweeted 470,021 times and #cdnpoli was tweeted 111,409 times Monday.

Of the Twitter users tweeting about the election, 57 per cent were male and 43 per cent were female.

2015 Election stats on Twitter:

  • #elxn42 tweets during the campaign (Aug 2 – Oct 19): 3,426,008
  • #elxn42 tweets on election day (Oct 19): 470,021
  • Election related tweets on election day: 770,998

Unsurprisingly, prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau took the title of most tweeted about leader of the night, raking in 152,276 tweets in total (or 60 per cent of the conversation surrounding the leaders on the social network). There were more than 18,000 mentions of Trudeau on Twitter when he took the stage for his victory speech.

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Stephen Harper garnered 68,385 tweets and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair garnered 21,602 tweets.

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Number of tweets mentioning parties, as of 12:30amET:

  • #CPC: 95,777 (26%)
  • #NDP: 62,285 (17%)
  • #LPC: 188,939 (51%)
  • #GPC: 10,412 (3%)
  • #BQ: 15,019 (4%)

Meanwhile, 6.6 million people shared 48 million interactions about the election on Facebook from June 1 until 8 p.m. ET Monday night, according to a company spokesperson.

Facebook also partnered with Elections Canada to develop an “I’m a Voter” button, which allowed users over 18 years old to share a badge on their profile showing they voted. According to the spokesperson, the campaign reached over 12 million users on Election Day.


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