Garlic, spice and everything nice – the donair could be Halifax’s ‘official’ food

Halifax's first ever donair crawl happened this summer and celebrated the beloved treat. Cory McGraw/Global News

HALIFAX – You’ve definitely had one. A greasy, garlicy, spicy, hot, sweet and delicious treat that Halifax is known for. That’s right, the donair.

It’s a Halifax favourite, and soon could become the city’s “official” food.

The donair was invented here in Halifax more than 40 years ago and the restaurant King of Donair has claimed they’re the first place to serve the meaty delight.

Donairs are celebrated as a unique east coast favourite, and particularly a Halifax favourite.

This summer, the city had its first donair crawl where hundreds of donair lovers headed out to chow down on six of the city’s most prized spicy meal.

A man enjoys a “doughnairnut” at Robie Street Station. The concoction was a blend of a donair and a doughnut. Ray Bradshaw/Global News

City councillor Linda Mosher is asking the city to look into making the donair the official food of the city. The motion goes before regional council on Tuesday.

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What do you think? Should the donair become the official food of Halifax?