Who’s endorsing whom: newspaper editorial boards pick their parties

WATCH ABOVE: The Ottawa Citizen's Mark Kennedy, Susan Delacourt of the Toronto Star and Evan Solomon with Sirius XM, unpack the politics of newspaper endorsements and cultural wars in the final week of the election campaign.

The federal election is just days away and some of the parties have been given a boost by major news organizations. Here’s a look at some of the endorsements.

The Toronto Star  

Justin Trudeau got the nod of approval last week when the country’s most-read newspaper endorsed the Liberal leader for prime minister.

The editorial states that after nine years of the Harper government, “the need for change is urgent.”

It calls Stephen Harper’s election announcements “regressive social policies” and accuses the Conservatives of playing on public anxiety over “terrorism, refugees and, of all unlikely things, the niqab.”

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The editorial urges Canadians to vote for the Liberals, who offer “the strongest progressive alternative to the Conservatives.”

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“With Trudeau as their leader, the Liberals offer generational change. Instead of folding under the Conservatives’ relentless attack on him as ‘just not ready,’ Trudeau has shown in toe-to-toe debates that he can indeed hold his own with older and more experienced politicians. In short, he’s ready.”

The paper’s editorial board endorsed Jack Layton’s New Democrats in 2011.

The Globe and Mail

The Conservatives got the official endorsement from the Globe and Mail Friday — just not with Harper as leader.

“The Tories deserve another mandate – Stephen Harper doesn’t,” the editorial’s headline flatly states.

The editorial notes the Conservative’s solid — though not perfect — record when it comes to the economy and “financial health of Canadians.” But it outlines what it sees as Harper tactics that have left him unfit to continue to lead the party,

“It is not time for the Conservatives to go. But it is time for Mr. Harper to take his leave. He can look back on parts of his record with pride, but he has undone himself and his party with a narrowness of vision and a meanness of spirit on a host of issues, from voting rights to crime and punishment to respect for science to respect for the courts.”

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The endorsement got attention on social media for its pick-and-choose approach, inspiring #moreglobeendorsements on Twitter.

In 2011 the Conservatives and Harper grabbed the endorsement from the paper’s editorial board.

The National Post

Harper and the Conservatives got a last-minute endorsement from the National Post Saturday.

While the platforms of the Liberals, NDP and Conservatives all “held worthy ideas”, Canada, the editorial said, “needs a serious leader and thoughtful policies.”

“We believe the Conservative Party of Canada have proven that it is best able to form the level-headed and clear-eyed government that this country needs and deserves.”

The editorial noted the Conservative’s strong economic record, implementation of “right and fair” income splitting, the Tax Free Savings Account expansion, and even “sensible changes” to gun control laws.

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It said the opposition parties’ policies would move the country in the wrong direction and undo some of the Tories’ good work.

The editorial takes a stab at Trudeau, calling him “one of the least qualified people to be seriously considered for the role of head of government”. And Mulcair, while to be applauded for his “principled positions”, showed “flashes of that same-old NDP disconnect,” the editorial stated.

“Harper’s time in office has left Canada in an enviable position — and his proposals would leave us stronger still. We hope that Canadians agree, and re-elect a Conservative majority.”

The paper also endorsed the Conservatives ahead of the 2011 federal election.

The Toronto Sun

It’s Tories all the way for the chain of Sun newspapers, newly acquired by Postmedia, which includes editions in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Ottawa.

The headline doesn’t cut any corners: “Our choice is clear — Stephen Harper”.

The editorial touches on strategic voting, but urges readers to avoid that tactic and “vote for the leader and party you believe is best qualified to lead Canada.”

“On that basis, we endorse Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.”

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In making its case, the editorial board notes Canada’s economic recovery since the recession and Harper’s ability to keep Canadians “safe from terrorist attacks at home while taking the fight to the terrorists abroad.”

“We don’t think Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair are motivated by evil intentions. We just think they’re wrong.”

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The paper, formerly of the Sun Media chain, endorsed the Conservatives in 2011.

Other Conservative nods

The Ottawa Citizen, B.C.’s The Province, Saskatoon’s StarPhoenix, and Quebec’s English-language The Suburban have all given Harper and the Conservatives their blessing.

Other Liberal nods

Charlottetown’s The Guardian, Sudbury’s Northern Life, and Quebec’s French-language La Presse have endorsed the Liberal Party.

NDP nods

Tom Mulcair and the New Democrats have the support of the Prince Arthur Herald and NOW Magazine, a free Toronto weekly.

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