Tory ethnic media ads say Liberals will make pot available to kids, put brothels in neighbourhoods

A Liberal government would make marijuana available to children and put drug injection sites and brothels in your neighbourhood.

That’s what Conservative election ads purchased in local ethnic media are telling voters in Vancouver-South.

One ad in Punjabi says: “Justin Trudeau’s Liberals want smoking weed to be made legal and want it easier for kids to obtain it.”

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An ad in the Chinese-language newspaper Ming Pao says the Liberals want to put safe injection sites and brothels in neighbourhoods.

Harjit Sajjan, the Liberal candidate in Vancouver South, said he was surprised the Tories “would stoop so low.”

“If they’re going to resort to disgusting, disturbing tactics like this, I’m confident that Canadians are going to make that right choice on October 19 and send a very clear message,” said Sajjan.

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One political scientist said the Tories are taking a chance with the ads.

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“The potential reward is that you tag your opponent with a really unflattering image that will stick in the mind of voters, but the risk is that you’ll be found out for essentially playing fast and loose with the truth,” said UBC’s Stewart Prest.

The Tories aren’t backing away from the ads.

“It seems surprising to me that [the Liberals] would not have thought out that if they’re talking about Mr. Trudeau’s wish to see more safe injection sites around the country and to see the legalization of marijuana–to see it made more accessible–they shouldn’t be surprised when people talk about the possible consequences of those policies,” said Conservative spokesman Stockwell Day.

-With files from John Daly

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