Can natural remedies take the place of cold medicine?

REGINA – It’s that time of year again. Whether you’re at home or work, someone is coughing, sniffling or wiping a runny nose.

It’s a sign that cold and flu season is fast approaching and it seems everyone has their own cure for the common cold.

Outside the Northgate Mall a couple residents said they take Buckley’s or make chicken soup to feel better.

One man said he prefers something with more bite and referenced rum as his remedy.

But many prefer a more traditional approach.

“Tea is really catching on, it’s been catching on for quite awhile,” said Karen Howden, the co-owner of Vintage Tea Room in Regina.

Howden said that come cold and flu season, customers come pouring in.

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“They’ll say ‘oh I need tea and I have to have lemon in it today’… you know if you have a cold or a sore throat, the honey and the lemon seem to help and the hot tea, it soothes the throat,” explained Howden.

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While tea is one of the more popular natural remedies, does it actually work? A local naturopath says yes, and that certain ingredients can have an impact.

“An example is lemon and ginger tea. So, lemon is very anti-bacterial. So, it fights off those viruses, those bacteria and has high amounts of vitamin C in it and we know vitamin C really stimulates that immune system to fight of that infection,” said Allison Ziegler.

According to one pharmacist, the effectiveness varies on the severity of your condition.

“So the key is, mild to moderate, it may be beneficial to help with some of the symptoms. If it goes a little bit moderate to severe then you may need to see a healthcare professional because there may be some underlying cause as to what’s causing it,” said Jarron Yee with the Medicine Shoppe.

With a variety of options out there everyone seems to agree, do whatever works for you to feel better.


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