This week on Focus Montreal: Oct. 3

Famed event promoter, Sheldon Kagan , stops by Focus Montreal to talk about the incredible donation he made to Vanier College earlier this week. Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015. Staff / Global News

MONTREAL — Focus Montreal introduces Montrealers to people who are shaping our community, bringing their stories into focus.

It airs on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. and on Sunday at 11:30 a.m. and at midnight.

Take a look at who we’re meeting this week on Focus Montreal:

West Island Community Shares

West Island Community Shares is a community fundraising organization that raises big money. It then turns every penny over to local community organizations that in turn help 50 thousand West Islanders–half of them children!

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Since 1998, the group has distributed more than $10.9 million to West Island charities.

But clearly West Island Community Shares is in for a major change as the organization’s  Executive Director, Caroline Tison, has announced she is stepping down.


Sheldon Kagan gifts music collection

The longtime event planner and promoter Sheldon Kagan retired earlier this year after 50 years in the spotlight.

Today his legacy lives on. Kagan has donated his music collection to Vanier College.

Kagan launched the business that became his empire when he was only fifteen years old . He Started out spinning records at weddings and other functions and eventually grew his business into concert promotion.

Over the past five decades Sheldon Kagan International has produced over 75 major concerts and has brought artists like Dionne Warwick, Miles Davis, and The Duke Ellington Orchestra to Montreal.

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Kagan dropped by Focus Montreal to discuss his generous donation to Vanier College and what he plans to do now that he is retired.


Martin Luther King III

As part of the 11th edition of the Montreal International Black Film Festival Martin Luther King III was honoured Tuesday with the Festival’s humanitarian award .

King runs his own foundation and continues to do the work of his late father.

Global Montreal’s Senior Anchor Jamie Orchard sat down with King to discuss his father’s fight for equal rights and the tension over race that is still percolating in the United States 50 years later.

The conversation begins with King’s thoughts on the movie Selma, which marks his father’s legacy at the height of the civil rights movement in the States.


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