Ontario delays funding announcement for in-vitro fertilization treatments

TORONTO – Would-be parents waiting to learn more about the Ontario government’s funding of in-vitro fertilization treatments will have to wait a little longer.

Health Minister Eric Hoskins had been expected to announce details of the province’s IVF plan today, but has decided to wait a little longer in order to hold more consultations.

Hoskins wouldn’t say if the province will accept the recommendations of an expert panel that wants to exclude morbidly obese women and those over the age of 42 from funding for IVF.

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Some patient advocates want the government to fund IVF for any woman who wants it, regardless of age and weight.

NDP health critic France Gelinas says the Liberals should make their decision based on scientific evidence, not on what will get them the most votes.

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About two per cent of births in Ontario are a result of IVF, and Hoskins says the people will be able to get funding for the service before the end of this year.

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