Vancouver man’s close encounter with a crow goes viral

An East Vancouver man has an unusual story after making a new feathered friend.

Steven Huynh was biking last week when a crow took a particular liking to his backpack. The ordeal went on for several minutes and he was able to catch it on video.

But it turns out the bird has a back story. It fell from the nest as a baby and after people nursed it back to health, it never left the neighbourhood.

The locals know him by several names and while he’s pretty friendly, his beak is sharp and he’s no pet.

“It was not an attack at all,” said Huynh. “Just looking at the crow right here, he’s super friendly. He was probably just curious as to what I had on my shoulder.”

WATCH the video (warning, bad language):

It seems like this crow is making friends in other locations around the city as well. Peter Lonergan, who works for BC Soccer, said they were hosting a tournament at Empire Fields this past weekend when a crow came down and sat on the shoulder of his colleague. He even wanted to drink some coffee.

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Lonergan said the crow, who has the same red band around its leg, sat there for about 10 minutes. He also tried to steal keys, medical supplies and was trying to tip over the coffees and drink them.

Credit: Peter Lonergan.


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