DDO election signs defaced with anti-Islam message

DOLLARD-DES-ORMEAUX – Anti-Islamist stickers bearing the slogan “no Muslim, no terrorism” were found on election signs in DDO this week.

The signs, some of which were found covering NDP candidate Lysane Blanchette-Lamothe, were located at the corner of Sources and De Salaberry boulevards.

Montreal police were alerted to the situation and are looking for anyone with information to come forward.

It’s a message that the Canadian Muslim Forum finds shocking, but not uncommon.

“There are some racist, Islamophobic slogans. It’s very shocking and troubling, but expected because of the toxic sentiment we are witnessing,” said Samer Majzoub, President of the CMF.

While only a handful of signs were vandalized, Mazjoub said the damage is already done.

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“The community is feeling the heat, they feel it’s an easy target any time for any reason,” he said.

According to McGill professor Morton Weinfeld, the anti-Islamist sentiment isn’t new, but it is highlighted during the election period.

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“The groundwork has been there since before the election – think of Herouxville and the Charte des Valeurs,” said Weinfeld.

“This current election campaign, plus the debate on the niqab have caused what was already there to bubble up to the surface.”

Blanchette-Lamothe’s posters weren’t the only that were defaced.

In the Papineau riding, someone drew a niqab-like covering over the face of NDP candidate Anne Lagacé Dowson.

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