Frustrations mount over construction on Saskatoon’s Madison Crescent

SASKATOON – With no place to park and nowhere to dump their garbage, residents on Saskatoon’s Madison Crescent are anxiously waiting for the construction on their street to wrap up. Contractors began work on a number of projects on the street in mid-August.

Currently, a gravel structure is being installed, followed by concrete sidewalk replacements and sanitary sewer lining. Asphalt paving is scheduled to take place from Oct. 1-6.

“I was disappointed in the neighbourhood, and for not being able to park on our own driveway,” said one area resident, Karen Thiessen.

Thiessen’s car was broken into and her window was smashed. She says she wasn’t able to hear the alarm because she had to park so far from home. She has since filed a claim for the $300 in damage and is hoping the city will reimburse her.

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Residents have also expressed concern about the lack of garbage and recycling pickup during construction.

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In an email, Rob Dudiak, engineering manager at the City of Saskatoon, apologized for the delay. He confirmed that residents can now leave their bins in front of their homes for the contractor to collect.

“Come up here and tell us, what do we do with our garbage and how long are these guys going to be here? And why is it taking since August the 15th?” said another area resident, Jay Ritchie.

“The residents are pushed to their limits right now. So I know the city has got this as their number one priority to get this done. Just due to the fact that there were some delays, I know they are going to their best to make it right,” said Ward 4 councillor Troy Davies.

The city says they are doing the best to make sure the work is done right the first time around. An updated construction notice will be distributed to residents this week.

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