Mom records ambulance driver texting while driving her son to the hospital

A Philadelphia woman says she’s outraged after she recorded an ambulance driver with his head buried in his cell phone while he was rushing her son to the hospital.

Now she’s taken her video to local media, kicking off a controversy that has reached all the way to the commissioner of the Philadelphia Fire Department.

“In the ambulance with my baby on the way to the ER,” the woman, Ebony Clarke, wrote when she posted the video to Facebook on Aug. 31. “Trying to figure out why the EMT driving is on his phone typing long a** paragraphs and browsing Facebook while driving. I guess his phone is more important than our life.”

Clarke told WPVI News in Philadelphia this past Tuesday that the ambulance was taking her son, Jeron, to Albert Einstein Medical Center after he cut his head while playing with some of his cousins.

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In the video, the unidentified driver is seen holding the phone in one hand while the ambulance speeds down the road. Holding the phone at eye level, the driver cycles through several different apps while Clarke clandestinely records him from the back of the ambulance.

According to Clarke, the driver did not put his phone down for the entire duration of the trip.

Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Derrick Sawyer told local media he was “disgusted” the first time he watched the video.

“We are going to identify the person in the video and we are going to bring him in. We’ll discipline him,” Sawyer said. “As the fire commissioner, I want to apologize to [Clarke] personally because this is not what we train our medics to do, what we train any of our drivers to do.”

The Philadelphia Fire Department has confirmed to Global News that this incident is currently under investigation.

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