Manitoba Health releases list of restaurants shut down due to health violations

File photo shows a burger being grilled.
File photo shows a burger being grilled. AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

WINNIPEG — Eighteen restaurants have been closed in Manitoba so far this year after failed health inspections.

Manitoba Health recently released a report outlining unsanitary conditions in establishments throughout the province. Rodent infestation, filthy walls and failing dishwashers are just a few reasons for the closures.

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The head of the department of Food Science at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Rick Holley, is frustrated by the amount of restaurant complaints.

He said most of the issues are simple and could be fixed with better staff training as well as focusing on efficiency rather than profit.

“We’ve got a situation where people are not acting competently and increasing… the risk level that you’re going to become ill as a result of them not doing the sensible thing,” Holley said.

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Manitoba Health’s chief health inspector Mike LeBlanc said the province does not plan to make the unannounced visits any more strict although the report seems to be getting more attention with well known spots shutting down.

“We do routine inspections… if there is what we can a critical violation they can’t stay open, we close them immediately and once they have the problems corrected we go back and if everything’s fine we re-open them again,” LeBlanc said about the inspections performed about one to three times each year.

And restaurant patrons surprised by repeat closures at bistros like Deseo in Osborne want to see the restaurants in their area clean up their act.

“I would hope that they would improve their system so that doesn’t happen, like make sure their dishwashers are working, that the plates are clean the food is prepared properly,” Osbone resident Stan Matwyczuk said.

You can view the list here.

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